Interacoustics - Nydiag 200
Rotational testing and VNG

The Nydiag 200 rotary chair is fully integrated with VNG for a true comprehensive approach to vestibular evaluation


Interacoustics Nydiag200
Interacoustics Nydiag200
Interacoustics Nydiag200


Authentic rotational stimulus

The Nydiag 200 is integrated with our VNG solutions. Reduce test time by completing your entire VNG and rotary chair test battery using a single software program.


The physiological rotatory stimulus is similar to that which the patient will experience in daily life and up to 100 times stronger than that achieved with the non physiological caloric stimulus. This makes rotational testing particularly suitable for VOR testing.


Accuracy, convenience and flexibility

The Nydiag Rotary Chair provides precisely controlled and reproducible stimuli. You have full control over acceleration, velocity and amplitude and can easily design and configure your own tests.


The Nydiag 200 rotary chair is controlled from the VNG software. The following functions are available:
  • set position i.e. for oculomotor tests
  • reclines into 30º elevation for caloric tests and 0º elevation for positional tests
  • sinusoidal movement for SHA-tests and VOR suppression tests
  • rotation tests e.g. velocity step
  • vacuum headrest to eliminate head movement during rotation


  • Sinusoidal Pendular test
  • Step Rotation test
  • Maximum speed of 200 degrees/second
  • Space saving design
  • Built-in gauge
  • Adjustable head rest
  • Straight forward operation







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