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E-LINK Activity Modules

36 Interactive games provided for Specific Training in Exercise Modules & Evaluation and Exercise Modules. While the patient is playing the games, they are getting their exercise. The Activity module parameters are set by the Therapist and may be graded depending upon a patient’s physical and cognitive status.


Special features:

  • Design for wide range of clinical application
  • Nature of games: Random Movement, End Range and Cognitive
  • Adjustable difficulties
  • Pause and Help features available while the Activity is running to assist with grading the activity to best meet the patient's physical and cognitive situation
  • With background music


Samples of the Activity Modules


Samples of the Activity Modules

Catch Balls

The User controls the movement of a bucket to catch balls falling from the top of a frame

  • Excellent Activity for hand to eye co-ordination
  • Helps Visual and Information processing
  • Fine motor movement and control with gradable response timings
  • Can be set to cue attention to the affected side
  • Helps with colour agnosia
  • Good for proprioception, spatial awareness and spatial relationships
  • Sustaining balance Activity


Load Ship

The User controls the movement of a crane to collect containers from the quayside and load them into a ship

  • Good for biofeedback and visual processing
  • Movement is from end range to end range
  • Encourages maximum work in the selected time
  • Reinforces normal movement patterns
  • Good for postural sway sustaining balance at the Limits of Stability
  • Can be used for stepping stance



A selection of groups is shown on the screen and the User controls the movement of 1 item to place in the appropriate group.

  • The Activity encourages random movement throughout the range rather than always to the end limits
  • Encourages Object recognition and Object association
  • Excellent gradable Activity for Stroke and Neurological Rehab, working with cognitive and perceptual skills


X4 InterX Unit

X4 InterX Unit

All modules require the X4 InterX Unit as the Intelligent Interface to connect the E-LINK evaluation and exercise components to the computer. Up to four E-LINK tools may be connected simultaneously allowing the user to easily and quickly switch between the components during an evaluation or exercise session. InterX connects to an IBM compatible computer via the USB port.

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