ICARE - Intelligently Controlled Assistive Rehabilitation Elliptical

ICARE is a motorized elliptical trainer for repetitive gait training. Integrated sensors detect the level of assistance needed and the motor reacts accordingly to provide the correct level of support.

Relearning to walk and remaining physically active are important rehabilitation goals for individuals with weakness, numbness or balance problems and those recovering from a disabling injury or illness. To regain the ability to walk, thousands of task-specific repetitions are required to achieve lasting neuroplasticity gains.




C0MPLETE ICARE SYSTEM 3682 x 2268 x 2600 mm :

  • Movement patterns emulate motion and muscle demands of walking
  • Forward and reverse motor assistance allows speeds up to 65 cycles per minute
  • Adaptive motor assistance automatically adjusts to suit patient's exercise needs
  • Single or dual leg training options accommodate wide range of patient needs
  • Adjustable stride range from 470 N 730 mm(18" ~ 29") with fingertip shift-on-the-fly controls
  • Arms can be integrated into training for complete body workout
  • Contact and telemetry heart rate monitoring
  • Remote control for easy, unobtrusive clinician adjustments
  • Passcode control of motor-assisted features allows use of non-motor assisted training features by others
  • Infrared safety system shutdown reduces risk of injury



Wheelchair ramp, stairs and clinician platform

  • Provides access for cllents who use a wheelchair and eases transfers on/off the device
  • Raises clinician's viewing position for unobstructed monitoring



Body unwelghtlng system

  • Electronically controlled pneumatic height-adjustable seat provides ninety-degree rotation in either direction and arm rests flip up for easy patient access
  • Unweighting harness supports and lifts up to 400lb of patients' body weight




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