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Exercise Modules

Designed by Clinicians in the United Kingdom, E-LINK takes these well proven concepts and utilizes a computer environment to create a comprehensive system for functional rehabilitation and therapeutic exercise of the fingers, hand, upper and lower extremities, head, neck, and back.


E-LINK Exercise Components:

E-LINK Exercise Components

E4000 Upper Limb Exerciser

Electronic goniometer for quick and accurate Upper & Lower extremities range of motion measurements. The goniometer is positioned on the joint. Data is automatically collected with the press of a button on the goniometers.


E4000 Upper Limb Exerciser


Special feature

  • Various tools provide for whole upper limb training Wrist flexion/ extension, radial/ ulnar deviation, forearm pronation/ supination, elbow flexion/ extension, shoulder flexion/ extension, abduction/ adduction, internal/ external rotation
  • 10 Adjustable Resistance Levels
  • Interactive games are included to motivate training


The E4000 includes:

  • Resistance Control Unit
  • Connecting Lead for attaching to the X4 InterX Unit
  • 2 Key tools
  • 2 Cylinder tools
  • 4 Disc tools
  • 1 Spade tool
  • 1 Lever arm tool
  • 3 grips (small, medium, and large) for use with spade tool or lever arm tool
  • 1 tool securing tool
  • E4000 set-up and exercise software

M600 Exercise Kit

EMG & AngleX exercise for fingers, hand, upper & lower extremities, head, neck and back


E4000 Upper Limb Exerciser

Special feature:

  • Wide spectrum of applications from muscles recovery to strengthening
  • EMG detection in small and larger muscles is available
  • Broad detection range: from very small amounts of finger movement to full range of joint movements
  • Interactive games are included to motivate training


M600 is designed for:

  • Orthopedic and Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Hand and Upper Extremity Exercise
  • Lower Extremity Exercise
  • Head, Face, Neck and Back Exercise


The M600 includes:


  • GX3 - EMG sensor with integral electrodes
  • P500 - sensor tapes for attaching GX3 to skin
  • GX4 - EMG sensor for use with disposable electrodes
  • Sen3001 - disposable electrodes for use with GX4 (qty 120)
  • R406 - ground lead (supplied with 3 reusable wrist straps) may also be used with disposable electrodes


  • NC3 - small sensor for fingers, hand and toes
  • NC4 - large sensor for upper and lower extremities, neck and back
  • P5R - double sided tape for attaching sensors to the skin


Myo-Ex and AngleX set-up and exercise software



X4 InterX Unit

X4 InterX Unit

All modules require the X4 InterX Unit as the Intelligent Interface to connect the E-LINK evaluation and exercise components to the computer. Up to four E-LINK tools may be connected simultaneously allowing the user to easily and quickly switch between the components during an evaluation or exercise session. InterX connects to an IBM compatible computer via the USB port.

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