CogniPlus is a training system from SCHUHFRIED for training cognitive functions. Efficient. Multi-media. Motivating.

CogniPlus is scientifically based and incorporates up-to-date psychological findings. The content of CogniPlus is closely linked to the Vienna Test System – internationally the most widely used test system for professional psychological assessment. This means that diagnosis, treatment and evaluation can be efficiently linked.

CogniPlus is available in a wide range of languages – at no extra cost. So that each client can train in his own language.



CongniPlus trainings



  • Developed by prominent scientists
  • Based on a function-specific intervention approach
  • Embedded in a context of scientific theory
  • Realistic and motivating design
  • Adapts automatically to the client's ability
  • Training at all ability levels
  • Recommended by respected institutions


The training programs

  • Attention - Intensity
  • Attention - Selectivity
  • Neglect/visual field training
  • Working memory
  • Long-term memory
  • Executive functions
  • Spatial processing
  • Visuomotor skills



Free demonstration is available (Hong Kong and Macau)

Please feel free to contact us at +852 2416 8321 or via email for further information and quotation.