Interactive Rehabilitation solutions

INNOVAID is a Denmark company. It has developed the HAPPY REHAB® interactive training and rehabilitation concept, primarily targeted children and youth with cerebral palsy. Deltason Medical Limited is the Exclusive Distributor of its products in Hong Kong.


   INNOVAID Happy Rehab (Dynamic Stander) demo video
happy rehab

HAPPY REHAB has created a new paradigm in rehabilitation. The unique dynamic stander is built on interaction between the user and the system, based on the most recent research in the field. The system combines dynamic motor control and cognitive training which can increase the range of motion and balance ability of patients.


The HAPPY REHAB system offers:

  • Increased active and passive range of motion
  • Improved balance and neuromuscular control
  • Motivating and interactive rehabilitation
  • Feedback through exercise statistics


Target groups

The HAPPY REHAB system can be used in habilitation and rehabilitation of individuals with:
  • cerebral palsy (CP)
  • acquired brain injuries
  • other neurological functional limitations
  • rehabilitation after surgery


Happy Rehab C1



Happy Rehab C2



The unique properties of the HAPPY REHAB system

  • Mobility through active stretching
  • Muscle control and coordination
  • Motivation
  • Structure training and feedback

Through the MyTRAINER software, the therapist can plan and structure individual training programs.



Goal-Oriented Training with HAPPY REHAB

Movement of the ankle joint
Movement of the knee joint
Combination of movement
  • Movement of the ankle joint
  • Movement of the knee joint
  • Combination of movement
  • Balance


HAPPY REHAB software

FOUNDATION PACK is the basic package of exercises and games for the HAPPY REHAB® system.

Interactive cognitive and motor learning and training which includes:

  • Weight transfer exercises- using weight transfer between the right and left sides of the body
  • Dedicated paths- solely focused on movements either on the left or the right side of the body
  • Structured training program (MyTRAINER)
  • Statistics module (FOOTPRINTS)
  • Multi-language version: English, Danish, Norwegian, Chinese.
   INNOVAID Treax pads
TREAX pads

The TREAX pads were developed with the involvement of experts, persons with brain injuries and therapists. It is a new and innovative training system for use in brain injury (stroke) rehabilitation.


Special Features

  • Offer high flexibility in level of difficulty level and training goals
  • The size and shape of the TREAX pads are designed to fit the hand or foot of user
  • Enable integrated training of cognitive and motor skills
  • Provide immediate and evaluative feedback
  • Ease to clean


TREAX pads
TREAX pads
TREAX pads
TREAX pads


TREAX pads
TREAX pads
TREAX pads
TREAX pads


The TREAX pads offer two different functionalities – Force indication scale and Random light signals


Force indication scale

Force indication scale

The pads react to the amount of force or weight applied to each of them by hand or foot to exercise either upper or lower extremities. . The light scale at the front of the pads responds dynamically to change in force or weight applied by the user. The feedback clarifies and aids understanding of how changes in motor actions or body posture affect the force or weight applied to the pads.


Random light signals

Random light signals

TREAX Pads come in three different colors, the random light signal corresponds to these three colors. When the user receives a light signal he/she should navigate to a pad of that specific color. Activating the next pad will then again provide a random color light signal, directing the user further.


Flexible Packages

The number of TREAX Pads available defines the number of different use scenarios. The TREAX Pads sets can be expanded in multiples of three pads. All set sizes enable various versions of the exercises. The pads expand the exercise focus and add challenge and motivation.


Small 6 units

Training of weight distribution- help the user to correct body posture by making weight distribution visible.


Medium 9 units

Create a field of pads, enabling a twister-like activity.


Large 12 units

Adds a social aspect to the exercise and further challenges planning skills and executive functions.


Wall Mounting Board

Wall Mounting Board

When the TREAX pads are used in combination with the wall mounting board (to be separately purchased), exercises targeting the upper extremities can be done. Particularly users with a paretic side can be challenged to activate both sides of their upper body. The scale functionality enables comparison of the force level of the two sides of the body. The random functionality includes both sides in an activity flow and camouflages the training of the weak side as part of the “game”.




Batteries: 4 x AAA
Max. User weight: 150 kg
Ambient temperature :   5 – 35 degrees C
Storage temperature: -10 – 45 degrees C
Max. humidity: 90% RH
Approvals: CE (EN60950)
Patent Pending. We reserve the right to make changes without notice.

The force scale can be adjusted to respond to force levels suitable for users from approx. 30 to 120 kg.


Free demonstration is available (Hong Kong and Macau)

Please feel free to contact us at +852 2416 8321 or via email for further information and quotation.