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Dynamic Stair Trainer - DST

The Dynamic Stair Trainer is a progressive rehabilitation device designed to retrain the gradual use of stair-climbing skills in order to regain mobility and independence.

The apparatus features four steps whose height can be adjusted electronically from zero to 16.5 centimeters (0- 6.5 inches) between steps. The Dynamic Stair Trainer is also equipped with handrails on either side; the height of the handrails can be adjusted.




  • All-in-one solution for gait training & stairs
  • Individually programmed for patient’s needs
  • Patients can exercise on their own
  • Increases patient’s motivation
  • Accelerates recovery
  • Documents patient’s progress



  • General rehabilitation centers
  • Pediatric rehab centers
  • Physical therapy departments
  • Cardiac rehab centers
  • Sport rehab centers
  • Skilled nursing and extended care facilities
  • Outpatient centers



  • Adjust stair height with push button hand control
  • Large digital display allows for easy documentation and patient motivation
  • Handrail height and width are easy to adjust
  • Anti-slip surface for added safety
  • Wheelchair accessible



Dynamic Stair Trainer Pro System

The Computerized DST monitors, tracks and displays patient's performance in past and current treatment sessions, with a clear, objective and accurate Personal Chart of Progress – a document, generated automatically by the DST-System.




  • Monitors Performance
  • Records Progress
  • Displays Patient Status


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