Morning Walk (MW-S200)
Morning Walk (MW-S200)

Morning Walk (MW-S200) is an end-effector type gait rehabilitation robot system which provides individualized gait rehabilitation training according to various age groups and symptoms.


Patient is free from the pain caused by parachute(overhead) harness and the physician does not need to spend much time and effort to set the patient.


Both saddle and end-effector systems are applied to accelerate the patient’s fast recovery.





Morning Walk (MW-S200)

Saddle-type weight support system

  • Simple and convenient boarding & disembarking.
  • Boarding & disembarking mode for severe patients.
  • Maximum user weight of 200kg.
  • A broad spectrum of applicable patients, with a dynamic weight support of 15~85%.
Morning Walk (MW-S200)

End-effector type

  • Overground, slope and stair
  • Adjustable stair height and slope angle
  • 3-levels of stair height (7, 12, 17cm)
  • 4-levels of slope angle (5, 10, 15, 20°)
  • 2.3km/h of max. speed of training
  • Step length (30-55cm), Cadence (4-70 steps/min)
  • Adjustable step width
Morning Walk (MW-S200)

Active gait mode

  • Speed interaction mode: adjusts gait velocity in accordance with ground reaction force.
  • Trajectory interaction mode: changes gait trajectory according to patient’s gait pattern.
  • Section repeat mode: provides the repetition training for a certain section of gait cycle.
  • Independent control of left and right gait parameters enables customized training.
Morning Walk (MW-S200)

Real-time feedback

  • Displays BWS, Foot pressure distribution, Kinematic data (Joint angle) .
  • Possible to synchronize external devices (EMG, FES etc.)
Morning Walk (MW-S200)

VR (Virtual Reality) Software (Optional)

  • VR Contents: motivate patient’s gait rehabilitation.
  • Displays synchronized footprints to the patient’s walking
Morning Walk (MW-S200)

Training Review

  • GRF, BWS and Foot pressure distribution review.
  • Butterfly diagram displays Center of Pressure excursion during training.
  • Provides training report and comparison chart to monitor patient’s progression.
Morning Walk (MW-S200)

Kinematic data

  • Provides the hip, knee, and ankle angles.
  • Presents the real-time pattern of patient’s hip, knee and ankle angle.


User group

Morning Walk (MW-S200) is suitable for age groups from children to adults with various symptoms such as brain damage, spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s disease, and others.


It provides patient-customized gait rehabilitation by adjusting the gait speed, step width and step angle. Effective step-by-step treatment is possible by setting independent gait patterns with separate foot plates.


Morning Walk (MW-S200)

Gait rehabilitation for children


Morning Walk (MW-S200)

VR (Virtual Reality) Software (Optional)




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