Biometrics Data Acquisition Systems



The DataLOG MWX8 is the latest in data acquisition technology developed to meet the needs of researchers for portable data collection and monitoring in human performance, sports science, medical research, industrial ergonomics, gait laboratories, and educational settings. 

The small, lightweight, battery operated unit incorporates a colour graphics LCD, joystick, micro SD card interface, and a real-time wireless Bluetooth link to a PC.

Weighing 60% less than previous devices, at 129g, the DataLOG MWX8 can be worn on the arm or leg in addition to the traditional belt/waist placement.  This miniaturized technology is by far the most powerful portable data acquisition device available. During all stages of the design and development process, attention has been given to the Bluetooth® Wireless link, providing real time data transfer and display. In addition, the data is automatically backed up to the Micro SD card providing complete peace of mind.

DataLINK is an on-line general purpose subject worn programmable Data Acquisition System allowing the user to collect both analog and digital data from a wide range of sensors including Biometrics' Goniometers, Torsiometers, active EMG sensors, Accelerometers, Pinchmeters, Hand Dynamometers and Contact Switches.


DataLOG in use with Biometrics Ltd sensors
DataLOG LCD and menu system


Special feature

  • Latest Generation Fully Programmable Portable Data Collection
  • Real Time Data Display and Analysis
  • Up to 24 Independent Programmable channels
  • Sampling Rates up to 20 KHz / channel (160 Khz total per DataLOG)
  • Auto Data Backup using Micro SD card
  • State of the art Wireless Bluetooth® Technology
  • Dynamic Link Library (dll) for Real Time Data Transfer to Other Applications
  • Readily Synchronizes with 3rd party Systems
  • Full Colour Graphics LCD



DataLINK is an on-line general purpose subject worn programmable Data Acquisition System allowing the user to collect both analog and digital data from a wide range of sensors including Biometrics’ Goniometers, Torsiometers, active EMG sensors, Accelerometers, Pinchmeters, Hand Dynamometers and Contact Switches. 

Examples of other general sensor inputs include load cells, strain gauges, potentiometers, temperature probes and flow metres.

DataLINK has been developed for the diverse needs of researchers for laboratory based data collection and analysis in industrial, medical, and educational settings.


DataLINK in use with IS2-LED


Special feature

  • On Line Data Collection
  • Real Time Data Display
  • 40 KHz Total Sampling Frequency per DataLINK
  • 8, 16, or 24 Analog Channels
  • Audible Threshold Alarms
  • Readily Synchronizes with Other Systems


Analysis Software

Biometrics NEW v8.51 Analysis Software for:

DataLog: DataLOG MWX8 Miniature Wireless

DataLink:   DataLINK DLK900 (USB)


Analysis Software
Video Synchronisation


Special feature

  • Display video files and fully time synchronize them with data collected from DataLOG or DataLINK. Any video file compatible with Windows Media Player may be used. The video does not have to start or stop at the same time as the recording as they can easily be synchronised after capture. If the video file contains sound then this is played along with the video.
  • Once the video has been loaded, controls on the video window allow it to be played, paused and stopped. Linking the video to the data file automatically creates a cursor at the start of the data file. Clicking within a data file trace window will move the video frame being displayed to that moment in time; in the same way, moving a paused video display to a different frame will scroll the data trace display to show the data at that moment in time.
  • The Expanded Results Table showing all results of all channels simultaneously. Multiple traces/graphs/windows from a single file or from multiple files may be compared.
  • Create and save Workspaces. A Workspace is the complete appearance of the application along with the settings used within the program


K800 Amplifier

A modern microprocessor controlled general purpose amplifier system which is designed to be worn by the subject.

The K800 provides a user friendly method for collecting signals from a variety of sensors including goniometers, sEMG and related signals, in a format which may readily be connected to proprietary display and recording systems including A/D cards.


K800 Amplifier


The K800 is a precision amplifier designed to provide the researcher with complete ease of use.

  • Easy to use general purpose precision amplifier
  • 8 analog channels
  • 5 digital channels
  • +5V built in power supply
  • Accepts all Biometrics Ltd sensors
  • Accepts other sensors including load cells
  • Real time display for all channels in engineering units
  • RS422 digital data transfer from Subject Unit to Base Unit



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