STT System - Podia 3D Foot Scanner and measurement software

Podia is a fast, accurate and easy-to-use foot scanner. Using multiple points of views, it allows generating a full 3D reconstruction of the foot of the patient, and also performing measurements on it. Both scanner and software have been fully developed by STT.

It is delivered to the user calibrated and ready to use. All necessary accessories are included: cabling, calibration tool, footstools, hand rail and light shields. Documentation and user manual are provided too.



Podia Scanner is based on cutting-edge laser triangulation technology. Four scanning units slide from the front to the back of the foot acquiring 3D data.

Each scanning head comprises two high-speed cameras and a laser projector. The scanning heads are mounted on a moving platform which has been carefully designed to cover the desired scanning volume. The information is automatically processed and shown to the user in a matter of seconds.




Podia Scanner is a valuable tool to generate fast and reliable information on the shape of the foot. Its functionalities, tested and improved thanks to the experience of many users, provide a simple but robust assistance to the professional.

This 3D scanner was designed and developed using state-of-the art technology, and built upon STT’s long experience in scanning and software development.

Its most popular applications include shoe design, studies on ergonomics, podiatry, orthopedics, statistical studies, etc.


Key features

  • Automatic foot measurements.
  • Fast scanning: The full process (3D data acquisition, measurement, report generation) takes 1 minute.
  • High resolution and precision.
  • Cutting-edge technology and processing algorithms.
  • Patients database with multi-scan storage.
  • User-friendly interface with powerful visualization tools.



Podia software has been designed to provide a fast and efficient user experience. It contains all necessary tools to perform accurate measurements. To maximize productivity, the interface presents a multi-tab interface, similar to the ones used in most common web browsers. In this way the user can work on several sessions at the same time and compare them without dealing with the mess of multiple windows. The software comprises three modules:

  • The data acquisition module

    takes care of the scanning process. Once the patient’s foot is in place, the user performs the scanning in just one click. The 3D data generation can be viewed in real time.
  • The analysis module

    allows the user to visualize the data acquisition in real time, to review the result afterwards, to set measuring landmarks and to perform the measurements in an automatic way that takes less than a minute. It also includes an export functionality to generate automatic reports (PDF) with data and images. The 3D can be exported to OBJ, STL or other formats like ASCII, VRML and DXF.
  • The storage module

    allows keeping any number of scanning sessions for each patient, and helps in managing the personal information and notes.



Anatomical points used as a reference for the measurements. Some references are calculated automatically. Others require user intervention so as to acquire an accurate measurement.

  • Metatarsale Tibiale
  • Metatarsale Fibulare
  • Most medial pt Navicular Bone
  • Rearmost pt, Lateral Malleolus
  • Sphyrion fibulare
  • Sphyrion
  • Instep top
  • Side of 1st toe
  • Side of 5th toe



Calculated for each foot based on landmarks. The data from every new session can be stored for each user.

  • Ball cross-section
  • Instep cross-section
  • Heel cross-section
  • Instep-heel cross-section
  • Navicular cross-section
  • Middle leg cross-section
  • Foot breadth
  • Foot length
  • Ball height
  • Heel width
  • Instep length
  • Instep height
  • Instep-heel length
  • Fibulare instep length
  • Sphyrion fibulare height
  • Leg width (both axes)
  • 1st toe angle
  • 5th toe angle




Scanning resolution 0.04 mm / px
Scanning time 10 sec
Processing time 5 sec
Scanning volume (W x L x H) 150 x 350 x 250 mm


Image resolution Max. 752 x 480
Frame rate 70-122 Hz
Lens CS-Mount
Shutter type Global
Transfer rates 400 Mb/s

High sensitivity, auto white balance & adjustable exposure



Laser typeClass II (completely harmless)
Wavelength650 nm
Divergence <2.0 mrd



Width x Length x Height540 x 800 x 670 mm
Weight128 Kg
Max weight supported200 Kg


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