STT System - CLIMA (Clinical Motion Analysis)

CLIMA (Clinical Motion Analysis) is a fully automated optical motion capture system. It allows a complete analysis of any human movement such as shoulder abduction, knee flexion or a complete gait analysis.

CLIMA comprises a standard computer and a variable number of cameras, which depends on the requirements of the application. This system can easily generate customized information including biomechanical plots, 3D models, written reports (in any format: MS Word, MS Excel, OpenOffice, HTML) or raw data.

STT’s motion capture algorithms deliver an excellent precision while providing real-time operation and bio-feedback capabilities. CLIMA is being used in hospitals, medical centers and research institutions.


Key features

  • Automatic and simple-to-use optical motion capture system.
  • Real-time response and comprehensive acquisition of biomechanical parameters.
  • Precision and reliability based on powerful algorithms.
  • CLIMA software is a versatile analysis tool which provides results in several formats.



With an accuracy of 0.1 millimetres, CLIMA is a powerful, accurate and easy-to-use tool, suitable for Neurology and rehabilitation applications like gait analysis, stroke rehabilitation, posturography, balance analysis, etc. Its latency times (lower than 2 milliseconds), enable real-time feedback.

The requirements in the Biomechanical research field might be very different from those in medical applications, and for this reason CLIMA allows a great flexibility. New biomechanical models can be developed and access to raw data is allowed. Fully documented APIs and SDKs are available.

Occupational health needs systems that provide measurement and an objective view of the level of different injuries, as well as the progress of rehabilitation processes. Many insurance companies and rehabilitation institutions have implemented CLIMA to carry out a reliable Evaluation of physical damage.


The key hardware components in STT’s motion capture systems are the STT cameras, which is why STT cameras are available in several models and configurations to make sure it fits particular needs. They can also record high-speed, and high-resolution video.

STT cameras
C-06 Series C-13 Series C-41 Series
Resolution 832 × 832 1280 × 1024 2048 × 2048
Frame Rate 30 to 250 FPS 120 FPS 180 FPS
Latency 4 ms 8.3 ms 5.5 ms
Filter Switcher (IR-Visible) Included Optional No
Max # cameras / computer 48 24 96
Maximum Range 13.8 m 12.2 m 30 m
Horizontal FOV 56° 56° 51°
Interface Ethernet/PoE USB 2.0 GigE/PoE+
Image Processing Modes Precision Grayscale, Segment, Object, and MJPEG
Number of LEDs 96 28 170
LED Strobe Mode Yes Yes Yes
LED Intensity Control Yes Yes Yes
Shutter Type Global Global Global
Electronic Exposure Control Yes Yes Yes
Frame Rate Control Yes Yes Yes


CLIMA software handles the motion capture process, as well as a variety of external equipment, in an efficient and user-friendly way. It includes a biomechanic Model Builder utility, and a friendly and intuitive interface to visualize and analyze the results. The user can also generate customized reports. The software is used for a wide range of application scenarios such as indoor or outdoor, with passive markers or active markers, real-time or post-processing, ensuring a consistent and familiar user experience. 3D

  • 3D Motion tracking
  • Biomechanical model builder
  • Biomechanical analysis
  • Reports and scripting
  • Real time and feedback
  • External equipment support



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