Curve Beam

 Curve Beam

Curve Beam - petCAT
Virtually the same dose* as 2D xrays, with much more diagnostic information.

The pedCAT®, first in-office TRUE 3D weight bearing CT for the foot and ankle, puts optimal treatment planning at your fingertips for greater confidence of increased predictability in surgical outcomes. With virtually the same radiation dose as that of a traditional 2D x-ray, the pedCAT® accesses clinical conditions including, but not limited to, fractures, dislocations, arthritic joints, and early detection of osteomyelitis for quicker diagnosis, evaluation and treatment planning.

  • Compact, in-office CBCT Imaging
  • TRUE weight bearing & non-weight bearing 3D imaging for one or both feet
  • Capture unprecedented diagnostic information not seen in regular x-rays
  • Easy to use visualization software adds a new dimension to diagnosis and evaluation
  • Confidently plan surgeries with precision and speed
  • Fast acquisition of 3D data allows you to start your treatment planning in minutes


pedCAT is Fully PACs & DICOM Compatible

  • Auto or Manual send of datasets to a configured destination.
  • Create and select individual images to send to a configured destination.
  • Send re-oriented and reformatted datasets to a configured destination.
  • Media burn functionality (CD/DVD) provided on Workstation, for export of images and datasets; free viewer can be included.
  • Reformat datasets to smaller file sizes for ease in transferring data.
  • Create a custom set of reformatted datasets, for optimum PACS viewing and storage.


petCAT Workflow


3D Imaging volume 20cm (height) x 35cm (diameter) and smaller
Spatial resolution 0.3 mm, 0.37 mm voxel sizes
Procedure time 19-68 seconds
Max exposure time 9 seconds
Tube voltage 100-120 kVp
Tube current 3-5 mA
Image detector Amorphous silicon flat panel
Gray scale
14 bit
Dimensions 4ft (h) x 4ft (w) x 5ft (d)
Weight 400 lbs
Power requirements


TECHNIQUE Effective Dose in microseverts (µSv)
Daily Background 8 per day (or 3000 µSv per year)**
Difference of daily background for high altitude locations (i.e: Denver) vs. sea level 50% more per day (or 1500 µSv more per year)**
Coast to coast round trip airline flight 30**
pedCAT Cone Beam CT, medium FOV scan (one foot)
pedCAT Cone Beam CT, large FOV scan (two feet)
Chest Film X-ray 100**
Extremity Film X-ray
Medical CT of Chest
Dental Medium FOV Medical CT scan (Sonatom 64 slice)
Dental Panoramic (OrthoPhos Plus DS)
32.2 *
Dental Full Mouth Series (Average of various techniques)
Dental Cone Beam CT exam (i-CAT, medium FOV)




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