Pharmacy Preparation Automation

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Automatic Tablet Dispensing & Packaging System)

Connected with a computer system of a pharmacy, these entry-level models automatically sort, distribute, package based on the custom specifications while printing and totaling the result fast and accurately. Ideal for pharmacies with 80 ~ 150 prescriptions a day.

  • JVM ATDPS Door type





  • JVM ATDPS Desk type

VIZEN & t-mate
Automatic Medication Inspection System & Automatic Medication Registration System

VIZEN performs an automatic inspection for filling-completed packets to prevent all possible mistakes during inspection process for more accurate and safer medicine control. All prescription results are saved and managed by patient for efficient medication and administration control. With t-mate, you can register a medicine into the database for comparison with medicines in VIZEN. The registered data can also be utilized as medication information for pharmacy administration as well as VIZEN inspection.



Automatic Packet Winding & Cutting System

This system automatically winds and cuts the packet strip after prescription filling (ATDPS) and inspection (VIZEN) by number of days that ordered and reports and manages the result.


Automatic Packet Roller

You can automatically or manually make packet rolls to transport and manage packet rolls in a clean and easy way.


Automatic PTP Deblister

JV-DB20 allows automatically removing tablets and capsules from PTP Packaging with simple operations. It also prevents medicines from being polluted because no physical touch to the tablet is made throughout the process.

PTP (Press Through Pack): A press-through pack allows easily taking out solid material such as tablet from the contained storage recesses by only pushing action of fingers.



Optional Accessories



ADTPS upgrade from 208DO model to 244DO model. Capacity of canister increase from 208 to 244. All canister included in this upgrade.


2.Extra Canister

JVM ADTPS Canister

In case when customer have drug item add or replacement in drug packaging. Also the extra canister can expand drug item packaging capacity without purchasing a new ADTPS. Customer could hold extra item by extra canister and pack the rare items by swap canister base.


3. Dispensing Box

JVM Dispensing Box

Dispensing Box is a patient base drug box. Convenient design for drug dispensing. Clear patient information and drug warning label.etc can hold on the box to assist the drug administrator.


4.Special Tablet System (STS) tray


For filling tablets halved, used less frequently or in special shape. It allows safe and accurate pre-filling 60 cells of the tray at individual cell level while reducing time to fill and preventing any filling or administration mistakes before they occur



For 1 set of Cellophane Paper (12 rolls/set) 4,000 packs per roll Code: JVM-H-103W

For 1 set of Printing Ribbon (12 rolls/set) 4,000 packs per roll Code: JVM-H-105


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