Biometrics Data Acquisition Systems


Surface EMG

When a muscle contracts, electrical activity is generated within the muscle which may be measured using electrodes placed on the surface of the skin. This electrical signal is usually in the order of up to 3,000 micro volts and is referred to as electromyography or EMG.

Biometrics Ltd offer a technologically advanced yet cost effective range of EMG display and data capture systems offering both full portability and real time display and analysis options.

Biometrics sensors and instrumentation are used extensively in the fields of ergonomics, sports science and medical research where measurements of surface EMG are commonly taken for a wide range of applications such as:

  • Symmetry studies during gait
  • Timing data in Biomechanics
  • Work done and fatigue studies
  • Work environment and tool design
  • Sports performance
  • Neuro Rehabilitation
  • Educationn
  • Veterinary Science
SX230 EMG Sensor

SX230 EMG Sensor

The SX-230 is an active probe manufactured by Biometrics Ltd which provides superb quality of signal and ease of use. Unique to the design is the amplifier's input impedance of > 10,000,000 M Ohms. This means in practice that little or no skin preparation is required and no conducting gels are required. To use the SX-230 EMG sensor simply apply the electrode to the muscle being measured using the die cut medical grade double sided adhesive tape (part no. T350). The quality of the signal received is excellent for both static and dynamic applications.

R506 Wrist Strap

R506 Wrist Strap

R506 has a standard 4mm snap connector and comes with convenient elasticated wrist bands for ease of use. The R506 may also be used with proprietary reusable or disposable electrodes having a 4mm snap (part no. SEN3001).

R306 comes with a standard 2mm spring plug for connection to proprietary disposable electrodes with a 2mm spring socket.

SX230FW EMG Amplifier

SX230FW EMG Amplifier

For applications where variable inter-electrode distance is desired, the SX230FW EMG Amplifier has the same superb signal pickup of the SX230. Instead of the integral electrodes of the SX230, the SX230FW has two flying wire leads for use with any reusable or disposable SEMG electrode incorporating a 4 mm snap. The maximum inter-electrode distance is 170 mm and the minimum distance is dependent upon the size of the electrodes used.

Goniometer and Torsiometer

The comprehensive range of Biometrics' goniometers and torsiometers are ideal for quick, simple, and accurate measurement of joint movement in multiple planes.  

The 'SG' series twin axis goniometers and 'Q' series single axis torsiometers provide improved mechanical integrity and electrical performance.Sensors are sold separately or as part of complete measurement systems. Available systems include instrumentation for static angle readout, dynamic on line data acquisition in 8, 16, or 24 channel configurations, or fully portable wireless data collection.

Twin Axis Goniometers (SG series)

Twin Axis Goniometers SG65, SG75, SG110, SG110/A, SG150, SG150/B

The 'SG' series twin axis goniometers simultaneously measure angles in up to two planes of movement. For example, to measure wrist movements, the endblocks of the SG65 goniometer are attached on the dorsal surface using double sided tape (type. No. T10), one end over the third metacarpal, the other over the midline of the forearm, with the wrist in the neutral position.

Single Axis Goniometer (F35)

Single Axis Goniometer F35

Biometrics' goniometer F35 measures angles in one plane only. This smallest goniometer is designed to measure flexion/extension of finger or toe joints..

Single Axis Torsiometer (Q series)

Single Axis Torsiometers Q110 and Q150

'Q' series single axis torsiometers are designed for measurement of rotations in one plane e.g. forearm pronation/supination or neck axial rotation. If the torsiometer is bent in planes X-X or Y-Y the output remains constant. All torsiometers function in the same way, the difference being physical size.

Custom Design and Manufacturing

Custom Design and Manufacturing

With the wide variety of applications for the sensor technology, Biometrics Ltd offers custom design and manufacturing to meet specific requirements. For example, waterproof sensors with integrated leads for use in pools or with underwater treadmills or specialty sensors for lower gastro intestinal diagnostics.


There are two model options - the ACL300 (range ± 10G) and the S3-1000G-HA (range ± 1000G). By simply plugging either accelerometer model into the Biometrics' DataLOG, DataLINK or K800 instruments, accelerations may be displayed and analysed in units of G or m/s2.

ACL300 Accelerometer
S3-1000G-HA Accelerometer
Accelerometer Interface

Accelerometer Features

  • 3 independent axes - X, Y, Z
  • Variable full scale measuring range (adjusted within DataLINK or DataLOG management software, 100%, 30% or 10% of full scale)
  • 3 levels of adjustable frequency response
  • 8th order anti-aliasing filter on each channel with user selectable corner frequencies
  • Low impedance outputs for excellent noise performance
  • Non critical input power requirements
  • Electronic calibration adjustments giving high stability under vibration and over time
  • Signal conditioning electronics housed in a separate small enclosure allowing for miniaturization of the accelerometer probe
  • Easy interface to many other data acquisition systems



The Biometrics Ltd range of Force Plates are focused to the needs of the researcher providing high precision, versatility and ease of use.

Direct connection to the Bluetooth DataLOG, the tethered DataLINK or the tethered General Amplifier K800 enables data capture and analysis of vertical component of reaction force in a wide variety of applications.

There are two model options - the FP3 (100Kg full scale output) and the FP4 (250Kg full scale output).


FP3 and FP4 Forceplates
FP4 ForcePlates in use with SX230-1000 EMG sensors
Four FP3 ForcePlates and the BaseFrame BF8

MyoMeter, Hand Dynamometer and Pinchmeter

Multiple devices may be used simultaneously - for example two dynamometers for simultaneous bilateral dynamic grip strength testing.

The MyoMeter, Dynamometer and Pinchmeter connect to Biometrics Ltd instrumentation – DataLOG, DataLINK, or K800 - using the H2000 cable. The output from the devices can readily be combined with EMG, joint goniometry movement data, or other sensor inputs into one simple system.


MyoMeter M550

MyoMeter M550

The M550 allows the user to quantify the force applied during Manual Muscle Testing. Manual Muscle Testing is a procedure for the evaluation of the function and strength of individual muscles and muscle groups based on effective performance of a movement in relation to the forces of gravity and manual resistance.

Precision Dynamometer G200

Precision Dynamometer G200

The Biometrics Dynamometer utilises precision load cell technology to increase the sensitivity and accuracy of measurement of even very low grip strength forces. By using the industry standard Jamar design, exterior researchers can compare with standardised normative data.

Precision Pinchmeter P200

Precision Pinchmeter P200

The unique electronic pinchmeter has a low profile design that enables the researcher to accurately quantify pinch strength at closer to end range than any other device.

FS4 Contact Switch Assembly

The FS4 Contact Switch Assembly connects to one of the digital input ports of the DataLOG or DataLINK. The programmable active edge of the input may be defined within the Digital Set up window of the DataLOG or DataLINK software.


FS4 Contact Switch Assembly
Screenshot #1 - contact switches used in gait analysis
Screenshot #2 - contact switches used in gait analysis

Audio Input Cables for DataLOG and DataLINK

Both the AC1500M (mono) and AC1500S (stereo) are 1.5 meters in length and have a standard 3.5mm audio plug on one end to connect to the audio device with either one (AC1500M ) or two ( AC1500S ) connector(s) on the other end for connecting directly to the DataLOG or DataLINK. With the DataLOG high fidelity mono or stereo sound may be recorded up to 20KHz per channel.



Mono Audio Input Cable (utilises one DataLOG or DataLINK analogue channel)



Stereo Audio Input Cable (utilises two DataLOG or DataLINK analogue channels)


Goniometer Tape T10

Goniometer Tape T10

Double sided medical tape for attaching Biometrics Ltd electrogoniometers and torsiometers. Hypoallergenic and latex free. Ten rolls per pack, each roll is 3/4" x 6 yds (19mm x 5.5m) . Also used for attaching accelerometers to the skin or other surface.

EMG Sensor Tapes T350

EMG Sensor Tapes T350

Double sided die cut tapes for attaching Biometrics Ltd SX230 EMG sensors. Hypoallergenic and latex free. 350 pieces of tape per pack.

Surface EMG Electrodes SEN3001

Surface EMG Electrodes SEN3001

High quality pliable EMG electrodes for use with Biometrics Ltd SX230FW EMG Amplifier. Single patient use electrodes may be reapplied multiple times. Silver/silver chloride sensing element with hydrogel adhesive in a cloth backing with a 4 mm snap. 120 electrodes packed in individual sets of 6. Each electrode is .9" x 1.1" (22x28 mm).


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