Biometrics Data Acquisition Systems


Deluxe Data Acquisition System
Portable Systems
Laboratory Systems
(Vibration Analysis Toolset)
PS800 PS850 PS900 PS1650 LS800 LS850 LS900 LS1650
Management software  
Analysis software  
active EMG sensors      
goniometers (choice of standard sizes to accommodate upper and lower extremity)          
event markers
contact switches          
Synchronization Cables SYNC 2                   Optional
Synchronization Cables SYNC 3                   Optional
A250 Cable                   Optional

Portable and Laboratory Systems

Deluxe Data Acquisition System

Deluxe Data Acquisition System

The DS3000 Deluxe Data Acquisition System is designed to provide maximum versatility in any setting.  This combination of sensors and instrumentation provides the advantage of true portability using the DataLOG, yet also real time display and analysis using the DataLINK.  Ideal for research facilities and educational establishments - multiple instruments allow concurrent data acquisition by multiple users. The Biometrics Ltd Analysis Software reads files collected by both the DataLOG and/or the DataLINK.

PS850 Portable System

Portable Systems

The Portable Systems are comprehensive packages of sensors and instrumentation for static and dynamic measurements in a clinical setting, a research centre, or at any remote location such as an office or factory workplace.

LS900 Laboratory System

Laboratory Systems

The Laboratory Systems are powerful data acquisition tools. The usefulness of real time display of parameters such as joint angle, force and EMG is emphasized. The combination of DataLINK with the most often requested Biometrics' sensors in either basic or enhanced configurations provides for a wide range of studies.


VATS™ (Vibration Analysis Toolset)

VATS™ (Vibration Analysis Toolset)

Concern for the hazards related to exposure of the human body to vibration from power tools, vehicles and machinery has increased in recent years. Both whole body vibration and hand arm vibration can cause physical damage and considerable increased compensation costs. Various standards have been implemented to address this important hazard area.

The VATS Series of vibration analysis products has been developed to enable users to readily obtain vibration data for comparison to the various standards. (VATS is a trademark of NexGen Ergonomics Inc)


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