Hand of Hope video

Hand of Hope is a therapeutic device that combines advances in robotics and neuroscience that may help patients regain hand mobility through motor relearning.


Special Features:

  • Facilitates muscle re-education by both amplifying and rewarding a patient with desired motion
  • Self-initiates movement through residual EMG signals
  • Non- invasive treatment: continuously monitors and senses patient’s intention to move, but does not stimulate the affected muscles
  • Focus on activities of daily living including opening, holding and picking
  • Repetitive training with interactive games
  • Patient database is provided for monitoring the training progress
  • Forearm support is available to provide comfortable training experience
  • Adjustable finger length- best fit for patient’s hand

Hand of Hope video



How does it work:

  • Intention to move
    Hand of Hope detects patient's intentionality to hand motion: voluntary EMG signals commanded by brain.
  • Motion signal
    Device processes these signals and delivers them to hand brace.
  • Perform movement
    Hand brace provides an assistive function for hand motion
  • Positive feedback
    Patient relearns hand function through positive feedback.
  • Real-time interactive games
    Real-time interactive games enhance training outcome.

Literature support

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Free demonstration is available (Hong Kong and Macau)

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