Hand of Hope Basic

Robotic hand is wore on the impaired hand and two pieces of sEMG sensors are attached on extensor muscle and flexor music recpectively.Robotic hand is driven by patient's desire which is interpreted as sEMG signal.


Continuous Passive Motion (CPM):

Two CPM patterns are available for training of hand opening & grasping in a passive manner for a defined period of time.


EMG-Driven Motion:


Trigger & Go:

The system will assist the patient to complete whole hand motion once the detected sEMG signal is above the preset level.


Trigger & Maintain:

The patient is required to keep generating sEMG to maintain the assisted hand motion.


Patient Database:

Individual patients settings and training details are stored and can be recalled at anytime. Graphical result can be generated within a minute for data analysis.


Forearm Support:

To provide comfortable training experience



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