Dynatorq - Active rehabilitation of the shoulder

Intra-extra rotation + elevation/abduction + pronation/supination of the upper arm. The device, ideal for a more gradual rehabilitation, is constituted by adjustable elastic straps and a computer.

Dynatorq can also be used for the conservative and post-surgery re-education of the upper limbs and to recover neuromuscular control.

The device provides feedback and measures both the force applied and the bending angle of joints, and also enables the execution of isometric tests.


Soft rehabilitation

  • Elastic-strength computer-aided equipment for the evaluation and rehabilitation of the main joints
  • Safer force increments
  • Faster tone-trophism increments
  • Finer control of movement Elastic strength



The main difference between the work that can be done using DYNATORQ and that done using plain elastic bands, which generally allow more “degrees of freedom” in an exercise, is that DYNATORQ lets the therapist isolate a specific movement (intra-extra rotation, abduction, elevation) and work just on it while guaranteeing at the same time a good repeatability of the exercise and the possibility of measuring the patient’s performance improvements session after session, or of making comparisons with the contra lateral shoulder.

1. Conservative and post-surgery rehabilitation of the upper limb
2. Rehabilitation for neuromuscular control
3. Bio feedback and strength assessment

The measures that can be made concern

  • range of motion (angle)
  • torque in dynamic conditions
  • torque in isometric conditions at any angle selected by the therapist



  • Intra-extra rotation movement with abduction level selectable between 0 and 90
  • Abduction and elevation movement
  • Forearm pronation and supination movement
  • Height adjustment (sitting patients and patients having height between 130 and 210 cm)
  • Rest point (zero resistance) that can be set at any angle



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