STEPSCAN® IS A GROUND BREAKING PLANTAR PRESSURE MEASUREMENT AND GAIT ANALYSIS FLOORING SYSTEM. for use by medical researchers and clinicians requiring objectives measures of walking disability including balance.

Sophisticated design and engineering has resulted in the development of a new generation gait analysis system with innovative features previously unavailable in the marketplace.

Stepscan® floor tiles are expandable and customizable offering up to 400 sq feet of measurement volume.



Stepscan® is the right choice for Medical Practitioners and Clinical Researchers who need to quantify plantar pressures or the spatial/temporal parameters of a patient’s gait whether in their practice or their lab.

  • High density sensor placement (5 mm) coupled with our 100 HZ scan rate (min) provides accurate and reliable data at an unprecedented level of detail.
  • Software is intuitive, designed for easy incorporation into your existing research or clinic workflow.
  • Set up is easy and reports are user friendly.




Stepscan's patient centric design allows for unobtrusive assessments and a positive patient experience.

Seamless data collection and automated, easy-to-interpret reports create significant time efficiencies for clinicians.

Objective measures provide reliable evidence, supporting treatment plan decisions and encouraging patient compliance.





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