Mike Ayres Design

Mike Ayres Design


Mike Ayres Design
Tactile Mural Series

Th is wonderfully interactive panel is instantly responsive to the most sensitive touch.

A range of games encourage individual and cooperative interaction, each with diff erent levels of diffi culties.

Spectacular colored discs light up and provide clear notes and sounds just by touching them.





  • 8 interactive and passive activities with variations
  • 16 diff erent instrument and sound options
  • Volume control
  • Adjustable times for completion of games and diffi culty levels
  • Responsive to fi ngertip touch and robust, energetic use.
  • No lamps to replace (ever) it uses LED technology
  • Adjustable background light level



Please feel free to contact us at +852 2416 8321 or via email info@deltason.com for further information and quotation.