Creative Therapy Matti

Creative Therapy Matti


Creative Therapy Matti
An interactive playmat with accurate sensors to measure balance, weight and heat map analysis.

The LEDs give visual feedback to patients and the mat itself is used as an input device. It is a waterproof mat with LED lights and sensors that can measure and analyze patient’s movement and balance.





  • Flexible Matti can be rolled up for easy storage,
  • Over 3,000 pressure points in 1.44m2 sensitive area,
  • LEDs in 18 x 18 grid
  • USB connectable to laptop providing games for
  • cognitive and physical training,
  • Reports to track patients’ progress.



Technical Specifi cation

  • Dimensions: 137 (L) x 130 (W) x 1 (H) cm
  • Max. body weight: 165 kg



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